Strategic alliances with real estate entrepreneurs in the fix and flip industry

Christopher Graeve launched RE-build Properties to prove a new, disruptive and game-changing real estate flip model can successfully exist while demonstrating true abundance and generosity for our real estate flip operators, investors, team members and team member families. Through Christopher Graeve’s visionary thinking and leadership, RE-build Properties seeks to become a leading acquirer of distressed real estate. We do this by forming strategic alliances with passionate real estate entrepreneurs (operators) and by purchasing discounted houses.

Christopher Graeve, Chris Graeve Strategy

Chris Greave

Strategy for success

To successfully deploy our vision for RE-build Properties, Chris Graeve has implemented three main points for success. They are, to validate the concept to scale with accuracy; source passionate real estate entrepreneurs and help them operate triumphantly; and to build a unified mission-aligned team.

To this end, we focus on what is most important for Project Anastasia. This encompasses three components. First, finalize the process flow, quick-base and agreed assumptions. Secondly, prove the three-step acquisition model. Finally, we validate the concept by achieving our projections of time and budget. Chris Graeve’s projections include a 100-day average turnaround; a minimum of 10% or $20,000 in profits; and the acquisition of 100 assets within the next 200 days.

Chris Greave

Standard Operating Metrics

Christopher Graeve developed four standard operating metrics revolving around time and money, consisting of accuracy of time estimation (total, construction and sales timelines), accuracy of renovation budget estimation, profit per house and total quarterly profit.

Re-build properties

operator opportunity

We are currently identifying one key Operator per region, and provide support, guidance and resource to execute our proven processes of fixing and flipping real estate.

Christopher Graeve, Chris Graeve opportunity

Chris Greave

Core Values

Christopher Graeve highlights the top behaviors that demonstrate the core values which guides in the mission of RE-build Properties.


Always be learning


Abide by the Golden Rule


Remain Hungry but Humble


Practice Generosity

Christopher Graeve, Chris Graeve RE-build Team

Chris Graeve

Company Team Members

Our Team Members that Pioneer What We Do through RE-build. Every Team Member Plays a Crucial Role to the Success of Our Company

Process Mapping

From Marketing to Post Close

Christopher Graeve, Chris Graeve abundance

Chris Graeve

True Abundance

Chris Graeve poses the question of what is true abundance with this concept in mind: First you get free; then you help others get free both financially and spiritually. True abundance is only found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At RE-build Properties, Christopher Graeve and our team aims to encourage and support our stakeholders in living a victorious life in Christ by feeling free to do the right thing, choosing to put other people ahead of our own interests, knowing the foundational principles of our company are based on Biblical wisdom, offering educational programs and financial grace services to our network, living a generous life at work and at home, and participating in organizational charity. It is our goal to lead others to true abundance for everyone involved.

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