Operator Opportunity



We want to identify entrepreneurial individuals and mentor them in our proven process for fixing and flipping real estate. We plan to select and support one Key Owner / Operator for each of our regions across Florida. Mutual success defines our purpose. We will accomplish our mission by providing professional guidance and valuable resources to enable the real estate goals of our Operators.





We overcome financial barriers for our Operators by providing 100% of necessary funds to buy and renovate properties.

This eliminates resource liabilities, debts, and cumbersome loans for our Operators and allows them to enter the lucrative world of fixing and flipping homes.


Access to Real Estate Expertise

Our professional team possesses significant experience in the real estate field. Our proven strategies for finding appropriate properties guide our Operators through the process. We know how to discover opportunities in any type of real estate market.


Scalable Process

Your relationship with us as an Operator allows you to pursue your ambitions to higher levels. Our tested and refined fixing and flipping process scales easily and allows for the management of multiple deals simultaneously.


Biblical Foundation

Biblical principles inspire our efforts and direct our business relationships. We want our actions to unite our business activities with the truth and love of Christ.


Financial Transparency

Operators enjoy a transparent financial relationship that creates a fair model for compensation and profit sharing.


Why Florida Is a

Good Flipping Market

  • Florida is a prosperous state with a below average unemployment rate of 3.3% compared to the national average of 3.7%.
  • Consumer sentiments run high at 95.5%, significantly higher than the average of 85.5%.
  • The state's 3.3% GDP outpaces the U.S. average rate of 3.1%.
  • A growing population means strong demand for housing. Demographic projections indicate that the state will add 858 people every day until 2030.
  • Existing single-family homes sell for an average of $255,000, which provides room for investment, renovation, and profit.
  • Every quarter on average, 38,305 homes go into foreclosure in the state. This produces a steady supply of potentially undervalued homes within the housing market.
  • Florida has a high home ownership rate of approximately 65%.
  • Baby Boomers represent 38% of the population, and this demographic frequently purchases flipped homes.


Target Market

To obtain suitable properties, we will look for home owners motivated to sell, property investors who wish to sell off assets, and banks and lenders in possession of distressed or foreclosed properties. We will also cultivate relationships with trusted real estate agents and lawyers who can connect us with clients interested in buying or selling homes.

When it's time to sell renovated properties, we will direct our marketing efforts toward multiple pools of profitable buyers. These groups include property investors, single families in need of housing, Baby Boomers retiring to Florida, and families relocating to the state.


Business Model

We have developed a 5-step flipping system that focuses on efficiency and profit.

Step 1 – Involves analyzing hundreds of homes every week and then making offers on properties capable of producing our targeted rate of return on investment.

Step 2 – We inspect homes targeted for acquisition and establish a renovation plan that can deliver the best ROI.

Step 3 – We complete the purchase and begin repairs within 2 weeks.

Step 4 – We monitor progress with renovations and make adjustments as needed. Our proven process requires weekly reviews so that projects stay on track for profitability.

Step 5 – We list the property and market it strategically to people most likely to buy for top dollar. Once the sale goes through, we reflect on what went right or wrong to increase our ability to act with greater precision and profitability in the next deal.




Acquisition and Pre-Construction Stage

Operators will evaluate a property and determine options for adding value. They must come to a complete understanding of the renovation timeline and budget. A list of defects must be prepared to calculate construction costs. An Operator will then present information to contractors and collect bids. After evaluating bids, an Operator will hire contractors, establish a construction schedule, and initiate renovations.

Contract and Construction Stage

Operators are responsible for checking on construction every week and reconciling the projected budget with actual spending. Operators must verify permits and confirm work quality as construction wraps up. At this point, operators present the property to the Sales team to ascertain the sale price.

Post Construction and Sale Stage

Operators oversee the accuracy of property listing details as the Sales team markets the property. Accuracy is essential for quickly connecting with the right buyers and securing the highest price possible. Operators will manage calls from buyers and troubleshoot issues that might arise during the final transaction.

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