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The long and successful career of Christopher Graeve in the house flipping business started when he was in college. During the summer of 2000, he bought his first house from Suntrust Bank. Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the home proved to be his remodeling boot camp, where he tackled tough jobs like laying sod, painting, and the dreaded scraping of wallpaper.

Christopher Graeve's enthusiasm for house flipping has only grown since then. He's become a leader in the fix-and-flip industry. By 2017, he founded RE-build Properties and Christopher Robin real estate, where he works as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer. In these positions, he oversees real estate investments in seven Florida housing markets.

Christopher Graeve, Chris Graeve

A New Vision for Flipping

With RE-build and Christopher Robin Real Estate, he is applying the experience that he gained from close to two decades in the real estate business. Chris Graeve is innovating the fix-and-flip model through a synergistic vision that draws from all corners of the real estate world.

His relationships with experts in construction, property acquisition, investment, marketing, technology, funding, and business operations enable highly efficient project management and maximum return on investment. Inspired by his vision for ongoing growth at RE-build, he continues the hands-on approach that has served him well since his first house flip. Christopher Graeve manages investor relations, procurement decisions, and funding.

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An Impressive Resume

Prodigy Capital, Inc.

Before his newest venture, Christopher Graeve produced growth and success as an owner and co-founder of Prodigy Capital, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens. From January 2010 to September 2017, his leadership at Prodigy played a significant role in the renewal of local neighborhoods.

He formed strategic partnerships with membership organizations in the surrounding real estate markets to bring new vitality to ailing properties that had potential for rehabilitation. His management improved returns on investment and brightened the area's economic conditions.

We Buy Ugly Houses HomeVestors

From January 2007 to December 2008, Christopher Graeve gained extensive experience with transactions involving distressed homes. In his role as a Real Estate Aggregator in West Palm Beach, he worked with homeowners who needed urgently to sell their homes. This position required him to hone his problem solving skills as he navigated transactions that sometimes included properties with water or fire damage.


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Christopher Graeve attended university from 1999 to 2003 and earned a bachelor's of science degree in Information Technology. His degree gave him the ability to recognize the potential of technology within the real estate industry.

Although real estate by its nature will always retain many brick-and-mortar fundamentals, the digital world of the 21st century has created opportunities to improve marketing. His ability to adapt rapidly to emerging internet marketing and communications platforms assists with many aspects of the house flipping business.

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Second Generation Real Estate Professional

To say that he was born to be a leader in the real estate business might be too dramatic, but he does come from a real estate family. His father worked for nearly 40 years as a broker in Palm Beach County. With such an upbringing, he had access to a lifetime of real estate insights before he even flipped his first house.

Generous Spirit

Chris Graeve has built his career around creating mutual success for himself and others. In his personal life, he enthusiastically fulfills his responsibilities as a husband and father of three children.

He also makes philanthropy a priority. Many charities, such as, occupy an important place in his daily life.

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